Some Tips to Maximize Overwatch’s New Hero

Overwatch’s new hero, the sniper-healer Ana, is currently available on the Public Test Realms.

A lot of people have tried it and the pros are really enjoying the character so much. They went on to share some quick tips on how to maximize Overwatch’s new hero.

So in this article, I will go over some quick tips on how you can get the full potential of Ana in the game.

1. Ana’s Role. The first thing I want to point out is that Ana will not directly replace Widowmaker as the go-to sniper. That is because Ana is predominantly made as a support hero and not a hero that will hide somewhere and kill enemies without them noticing where the shots came from. There are two firing modes that Ana can do. The first one is the zoomed-in shot where you use Ana’s sniper scope in order to either heal teammates or do damage to the enemy. The other one is the zoomed-out approach where you shoot her bullets and you can see it as a projectile. Basically, the former is more accurate while the latter is not. But, both of them can be amazing in different scenarios.

2. Put your enemies to sleep. Ana has an amazing tool to deter enemies from ever reaching you and that is her sleeping dart. Although it does the job of putting enemies to sleep, did you know that you can also use the sleeping dart in order to cancel the ultimates of some characters? That is right, the sleeping dart can be used to deter any heroes that come after you and you can also disrupt their ultimate abilities as well. So for Genji and Winston, for example, you can shoot a sleeping dart and their ultimate will be all for naught.

3. Use Nano Boost to your Team’s Advantage. Ana’s ultimate ability, the Nano Boost, works much the same way as Lt. Morales’ ability in Heroes of the storm; the difference being that sniper mom’s ability increases the damage of her ally rather than the attack speed. Nano Boost, in my opinion, is probably one of the best support ultimates in the game. Imagine a Genji using his ultimate with a Nano Boost buff on him? That is very deadly in that even tanks cannot take the damage. Use Nano Boost on allies that deal a ton of damage. Heck, you can even put a Nano Boost on Reaper and he will constantly kill any enemies in sight (provided that they are in range).

4. Be on the constant lookout. Ana is a support character that can not only deal damage but can also heal as well. It is important to remember that Ana is a support role and you should be on the constant lookout for your allies’ HP. If you see that your allies need healing, prioritize healing first before shooting at the enemy. This is key as the current Overwatch meta only has one support hero in every team.

Ana is amazing to use. She can deter enemies from reaching her; she can fire healing rounds and deal damage to enemies, and she can also use sleeping darts to deter any ultimate abilities in the game.

There is still no release date for Ana and if you want to try her out, just go to the PTR of the game.

Overwatch is available for the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.