Dragon Age Inquisition

In recent years, I am quite sad because there are not a lot of compelling RPG games out there.

As a bonafide RPG gamer, I always look for RPG games that not only has a compelling storyline but an amazing gameplay as well.

Well, there are still some RPG games that caught my interests. One RPG game caught my attention and it will be the subject of today’s article.

The Dragon Age Inquisition is a game that was released back in 2014 and it garnered a lot of gaming awards, including a nomination for game of the year.

What made this game rake some of the most prestigious gaming awards? We are going to talk about what makes this game great in this article.

Dragon Age Inquisition focuses on the player character. The main character, known as the “inquisitor”, is a special character because they have a mark on their hand.

This mark is the only thing that can close the breach. You see, in the fantasy world of Thedas, the game’s main setting, there is a breach in the sky that no one has predicted. We will talk more about the breach later.

The game’s story starts during the negotiations to end the mage-templar war. Apparently, there was a major rift between these two groups. Just when everything’s going to be alright, an explosion happened and thus, opening the breach.

This breach was a portal between the physical world and the “Fade”, the world of spirits. Due to the opening of this breach, countless monsters came through it and tried to invade the whole of Thedas.

During one of the skirmishes, the main character found out that his/her mark has the power to close the breaches (there are a lot of breaches but there is one major breach that is the focal point of the game).

After knowing about the inquisitor’s power, a former Templer who calls herself as Cullen and an Ambassador known as Josephine has created the “Inquisition”, a group of brave warriors who are tasked to close the breach.

The Dragon Age Inquisition, just like any other amazing RPG game, let’s you create your very own character. You can choose which race you want, which class it’s going to have, and of course, their appearance. You can also choose which gender you want as well.

Your role, as the main character, is huge. Since people look up to you now, your decisions will ultimately affect the game’s landscape. Furthermore, you can choose to execute or release prisoners or rogues as you wish.

There is also a “Romance” aspect of the game where the inquisitor will have romantic relationships with any members of the inquisition. All of this depends on the age and gender of the inquisitor. And for what it’s worth, there is also some sex scenes as well (to increase intimacy).

But what I really love about the Dragon Age Inquisition is its combat system. The game’s combat system borrows some elements from another popular RPG game, Baldur’s Gate.

Basically, aside from your character, you can also choose to command your other party members. There is a total of four characters in a party and you will have control over the other 3 as well.

You can command them to do whatever it is that you please. You can task one character to heal, attack, or cast magic spells.

There is a lot to love about the Dragon Age Inquisition. No wonder it garnered a lot of awards and critical acclaim.

If you want a diverse RPG game with a great cast and very good voice acting, the Dragon Age Inquisition will not disappoint.

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